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hidrodiseccion STC.

Hydrodissection. A new technique

Hydrodissection. A new technique

Hydrodissection in the muscle and nerve

The hydrodissection in the muscle and nerve consists in introducing liquid (hydro) to a certain pressure and with syringes to distend or to dissect a nervous, bursa o soft tissue structure

Indicated in nervous pathology or neuropathy with a component of canalicular or adhesion

hidrodiseccion-STC Traumatologia
hidrodiseccion STC.


All pathologies of adhesion or involvement of peripheral nerves in which we observe fibrosis or canalicular trapping

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2. Ciatic Nerve


  1. Ultrasound of the injury
  2. Infiltrate the perilesional serum, dissecting the nervous tissue
  3. Enhance it on all sides


None, just clean the skin well (avoid infections) and do not have serious systemic diseases


They are appreciated shortly, although this is variable.

Sometimes the patient does not need surgery