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Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis

Las lesiones tendinosas pueden estar causadas por eventos traumáticos o por cambios degenerativos crónicos, que hacen que el tendón sea más débil y más propenso a las roturas. La curación de las lesiones agudas da lugar a la formación de tejido cicatricial en los tendones, que tienen una resistencia mecánica inferior que los hace susceptibles de volver a lesionarse. Por otra parte, el tratamiento actual de las lesiones crónicas de los tendones (o tendinopatías) es en gran medida paliativo, debido a la comprensión incompleta del trastorno tendinoso.

Presentamos un articulo sobre el uso de Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en las lesiones de ligamentos y tendones de la Prestigiosa Revista Muscle,Ligaments and Tendons Journal por los Doctores Yuan T., Zhang C-Q, Wang

Augmenting tendon and ligament repair with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis
Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis
Tendon and ligament injuries (TLI) commonly occur in athletes and non-athletes alike, and remarkably debilitate patients»™ athletic and personal abilities.
Current clinical treatments, such as reconstruction surgeries, do not adequately heal these injuries and often result in the formation of scar tissue that is prone to re-injury.
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a widely used alternative option that is also safe because of its autologous nature. PRP contains a number of growth factors that are responsible for its potential to heal TLIs effectively.
In this review, we provide a comprehensive report on PRP. While basic science studies in general indicate the potential of PRP to treat TLIs effectively, a review of existing literature on the clinical use of PRP for the treatment of TLIs indicates a lack of consensus due to varied treatment outcomes.
This suggests that current PRP treatment protocols for TLIs may not be optimal, and that not all TLIs may be effectively treated with PRP. Certainly, addi t ional basic science studies are needed to develop optimal treatment protocols and determine those TLI conditions that can be treated effectively.

Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis

In vivo clinical and radiological effects of platelet-rich plasma on interstitial supraspinatus lesion: Case series.

Lädermann A, et al. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2016.


BACKGROUND: Rotator cuff tear (RCT) is a frequent condition of clinical relevance that can be managed with a symptomatic conservative treatment, but surgery is often needed. Biological components like leukocytes and platelet rich plasma (L-PRP) could represent an alternative curative method for interstitial RCT.

Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis
Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis

HYPOTHESES: It has been hypothesized that an ultrasound guided L-PRP injection in supraspinatus interstitial RCT could induce radiological healing.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective case series including 25 patients was performed in order to assess the effect of L-PRP infiltration into supraspinatus interstitial RCTs. Primary outcome was tear size change determined by magnetic resonance imaging arthrogram (MRA) before and 6 months after L-PRP infiltration. Secondary outcomes were Constant score, SANE score, and pain visual analog scale (VAS) after L-PRP infiltration.

RESULTS: Tear volume diminution was statistically significant (P=.007), and a >50% tear volume diminution was observed in 15 patients. A statistically significant improvement of Constant score (P<.001), SANE score (P=.001), and VAS (P<.001) was observed. In 21 patients, Constant score improvement reached the minimal clinical important difference of 10.4 points.

DISCUSSION: We observed a statistically significant and clinically relevant effect on RCT size and clinical parameters after L-PRP infiltration. Such an important improvement of supraspinatus interstitial RCT with conservative management is uncommon, therefore intratendinous L-PRP infiltrations could have been beneficial. This encouraging result could pave the way for future randomized studies in order to formally determinate whether L-PRP infiltrations are a possible alternative to surgical treatment of interstitial RCT.

LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Prospective observational study; Level of evidence II.

Copyright 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinitis

Caso practico de Plasma Rico en Plaquetas en Tendinosis Rotuliana

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