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The SUBA Protocol

The SUBA Protocol
fine-tuning of modern Sports Traumatology

Bridging the gap between surgical and conservative treatment: The SUBA protocol: (Sports, Ultrasound, Biologics, Arthroscopy)

Dr Bernaldez TOBI 2021 Conference

The sharing of protocols and working in multidisciplinary teams have allowed to expand the knowledge between different medical specialties, highlighting the possibility of performing new therapies that will pursue minimal approaches and even be able to treat pathologies in a «non-surgical» way, obtaining satisfactory results. and greatly reducing the number of possible complications.

For this, 4 concepts come into play that our team has been working on for years, the SUBA protocol and which, when coordinated together, are providing excellent results in current clinical practice.

The SUBA protocol systematically includes:

– the application of modern Sports Traumatology concepts,

– the use of musculoskeletal Ultrasound in the consultation and in the operating room, communing with the POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) philosophy.

– consider Biological therapies as one more tool in the therapeutic arsenal where the cell will act as a medicine (differentiating therapies between platelet-rich plasma and stem cells)

– And, finally, the use of Arthroscopic surgeries, minimally invasive procedures that will allow to reproduce the classic “open” gestures in a way with less tissue damage, thus allowing a better recovery.

That is why the SUBA protocol (Sports, Ultrasound, Biology and Arthroscopy) is improving clinical results, shortening recovery times and considerably reducing healthcare costs. #SUBAprotocol #ProtcoloDEBA #Sports #Ultrasound #Biology #Arthroscopy #ortobiomsk

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