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Terapias biológicas. Plasma Rico en Plaquetas
Terapias biológicas. Plasma Rico en Plaquetas

Platelet Rich Plasma Significantly Improves Outcomes for Tennis Elbow in a 230 Patient Study.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) has just published the largest study evaluating platelet-rich plasma. The 230 patient study was conducted over the course of more than five years and represents the work of dozens of clinicians and researchers. Overall, it is clear from the data that the use of PRP to treat chronic tennis elbow results in significant reductions in pain and elbow tenderness compared to an active control of needling of the elbow without PRP. It is also safe and cost effective compared to cortisone and surgery. This type of study is time consuming and expensive but will help guide patient and physicians decisions about how to best treat chronic tennis elbow.

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Testimonio de paciente curada de su Trocanteritis de Cadera con Plasma Rico en Plaquetas. Sin necesidad de cirugia.

Resultado de Terapia Biológica PRP en Artrosis de Rodilla.Testimonio personal. Result after biological Therapy in Knee

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